IPL Hair Removal (Bikini & Brazilian)

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Nothing feels better than when you step out of your shower and your entire body is completely smooth. Imagine that you feel that way all the time, even after a quick 5-minute shower. Brazilian laser hair removal lets you experience a smooth clear pubic area with almost no effort on your part.

You no longer have to worry about accidentally cutting the most sensitive part of your body. Instead, every part of that hard to reach area is completely silky. No more stubble or ingrown hairs, it will look like you never had any hair to begin with.

Our salon has practiced over 6000 hair removal treatments. You can now feel completely confident in a bathing suit without having to worry about shaving bumps or random bikini hairs. We have a laser version of a full Bikini wax. It is one of our most sought after treatments. The area can be treated relatively quickly with each session taking only about 20 minutes. We get rid of as much or as little of your hair as you want. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Still have a shadow around your bikini line? Laser hair removal is the solution. It completely destroys the hair leaving you feeling silky smooth. No shadow.

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal is the most permanent solution. It is one of our most popular removal treatments and has been for years. We have performed over 6000 hair removal treatments and are completely dedicated to the practice.

Starting as early as 4000 BC body hair removal has been a custom of women. Western women began to remove more hair when shorter bathing suits came into fashion. Today the extreme narrowness in the front and back of bikini designs has made the Brazilian a very common choice for women. It is the permanent hair removal solution for removing all or almost all pubic hair.

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